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7 Things to Always Discuss with Your Gynaecologists in Dehradun
Gynaecologists in Dehradun

7 Things to Always Discuss with Your Gynaecologists in Dehradun

Due to health concerns, many women frequently google “What is PCOD?” or “Why does it smell down there?” 

Every 5 out of 10 women suffer such issues on a daily basis but avoid discussing them with their doctors or gynaecologists for fear of humiliation.

There’s nothing unusual about feeling uneasy but remember that your doctor has heard everything. In fact, the top gynaecologists in Dehradun are expected to respond to your troubling or frightened queries which is why speaking up about your well-being is your responsibility. So be prepared to ask your gynaecologist these and other questions the next time you see them; you’ll be astonished at how much they know!

Things to Always Discuss with Your Gynaecologist in Dehradun

Personal Medical History

Inform your gynaecologist of any information you have about your personal health history. It is critical that you include every information, whether or not it is documented.

You should make a list of the following major points:

  • Diseases you’ve had including STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).
  • The most recent Pap Smear (cervical cancer screening).
  • Current medicines and any pertinent information.
  • Any genetic diseases or medical history in the family.
  • Any allergies.
Share Any Changes (Symptoms) You See “Down There”

Sharing everything about your genital health can assist your doctor in making an accurate diagnosis. As a result, assist your gynaecologist in assisting you.

Here are the major changes you should report if you notice them:

  • Swelling or bumps in the vaginal area.
  • Odor in the vaginal area.
  • Changes in the colour of vaginal discharge.
  • Menstrual discomfort and bleeding.
Contraception Utilization

Your gynaecologist must be informed of the exact timing and dose of the contraceptives.

If you have any negative effects while using contraception, you should seek medical attention right away. 

Low Libido Issues

While having a low libido is more common than many women believe, it’s critical to consult with your gynaecologist to determine the source of your problem. Libido can occasionally be influenced by the medication you take, or it might be an indication of an underlying medical issue or a side effect of a recognized ailment. In such cases, the top gynaecologists in Dehradun can assess whether medical procedures are required.

Menstrual Hygiene

A minor ache might put a halt to a healthy lifestyle. So if you are experiencing symptoms such as spotting, painful periods, heavy flow, clotting or irregularities in your menstrual cycle, you should seek medical attention and inform your gynaecologist of these symptoms to get treatment as soon as possible.

Urinary Incontinence

You don’t have to worry about leaks ruining your mood. Bladder leaks, sometimes known as the falling bladder, are prevalent in women who have just given birth but bladder issues can also cause incontinence in women who do not have children. It’s not ordinary to urinate when laughing, sneezing or exercising so you don’t have to put up with it. The top gynaecologists in Dehradun can assist you.

Breast Self-Examination

Breast cancer rates in women under the age of 40 are less than 5%, but all women should check their breasts for lumps, bumps and changes on a frequent basis because early identification is critical to survival. 

In addition to training you on how to do a proper self-examination, your gynaecologist may advise you on what to look for. Self-examinations are simple to add to your everyday routine such as taking a shower. 

If you need answers to these or other health-related problems, contact our top gynaecologists in Dehradun at Meher Hospital for the finest gynaecological remedies.

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