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Avail of our round-the-clock pathology services, delivering accurate and timely diagnostic results. Equipped with advanced laboratory facilities and staffed by skilled technicians, we provide a wide range of tests to aid in the early detection and management of various health conditions.

Meher Hospital provides you with advanced and dependable diagnostic services. Which makes us the best pathology lab in Dehradun. We gained a well-deserved reputation due to our continuous dedication to accuracy and quality. We have a track record of accurate diagnosis and quick results as well as modern equipment and also of a team of experienced physicians.  are offering you a broader range of medical tests for a variety of medical fields from normal blood tests to various genetic testing. The lab is constructed according to everyone’s comfort.

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    Welcome to Meher Hospital, formerly known as Vaish Nursing Home, conveniently located near Rajpur Road, Dehradun. Here, our professionals know that your health is of utmost importance.

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