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Important Pregnancy Myths and Facts That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of
pregnancy myths

Important Pregnancy Myths and Facts That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Pregnancy is unquestionably one of the most blissful moments in any woman’s life. It’s also a new experience and one of the most significant turning periods in the lives of any relationship.

A couple’s beginning journey into parenthood is full of questions, many of which are answered by relatives, family members or friends. But should you believe such responses?

Many times, ideas and counsel are superstitions that have no reality and should be avoided.

Among these, some of the most popular pregnancy myths that one should avoid include:

Myth 1: A pregnant woman should eat twice as much as she normally would

Many people assume that pregnant women should eat twice as much food for both the baby and themselves. It is untrue. A newborn obtains all of its energy and nutrition from the food that its mother consumes. Plus, ladies should avoid overeating because it can lead to a number of problems.

When a woman is pregnant, her consumption of calories naturally rises and she naturally eats more.

Myth 2: Working out while expecting might harm the baby

It is completely false. In fact, doctors at the best maternity hospital in Dehradun encourage pregnant women to exercise since it aids in the delivery of a child.

However, it is advised not to try new workouts because your body may not be able to adjust to them. 

Myth 3: Cats are unlucky

Cats are seen to be wicked in many religions, thus pregnant ladies are said to avoid meddling with them. However, cats, like other animals, are natural creatures that bring no such superstitious damage to anyone.

Street cats, on the other hand, are filthy, and people must wash their hands after petting them. Also, a cat’s excrement and urine can also be contagious, so it’s best to keep your house clean if you have one.

Myth 4: Pregnant women should avoid coffee

This is yet another ancient superstition that prevents pregnant women from drinking tea or coffee. A small amount of coffee will never hurt the baby.

However, you must restrict your caffeine intake throughout the day.

Myth 5: Twin pregnancies are an uncommon occurrence

Well, nothing like that actually exists in the world. According to the studies, 33 out of every 1,000 births in India are twin births.

Most individuals believe that having twins is a blessing. Well, that kind of thing doesn’t exist since twin pregnancies occur for medical reasons rather than pure luck: or so.

Myth 6: Teen pregnancy is on the rise

Teen pregnancy is still considered taboo in most regions and many believe that it is on the rise. Teen pregnancy, also known as teenage pregnancy, occurs in women under the age of 20.

Teen pregnancies were on the upswing once upon a time. However, the current situation is rather different, since adolescent pregnancies have been reduced to a significant extent. 

Myth 7: Baby hair development is connected to heartburn

This statement has little basis because it cannot be proven medically. Pregnant women have heartburn which can be caused by a variety of causes such as hormone imbalance. However, it is yet to be proven that severe heartburn indicates that the kid will have thick hair.

Myth 8: Pregnant women should avoid eating fish

It is one of the most well-known myths about pregnant women’s diets. Later-generation elder women believe that because fish contains mercury, it might be hazardous to the infant. 

Fish, on the other hand, should be ingested during pregnancy since it provides a variety of different nutrients such as omega fatty acids, proteins, calcium and so on. However, pregnant women should exercise caution while preparing fish since a spicy recipe may bring other problems.

Myth 9: Certain fruits should be avoided since they might lead to miscarriage

It’s an ancient wives’ tale that chilling fruits and vegetables might lead to miscarriage which is why it is said that fruits such as cucumber, green bananas and citrus meals should be avoided.

However, there is no scientific evidence that they are dangerous so if you have any concerns, it’s best to consult your dietitian.

Wrapping Up

After hearing all of these fallacies, women often get anxious during pregnancy. These kinds of pregnancy myths confuse women and cause misunderstanding. So to stay informed, it is crucial to acquire the necessary knowledge and it is always best to see a doctor before believing and accepting such sayings.

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